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Special Fundraiser for Christy VanMerkestyn -
July 9, 2022


Christy - Transport Extrodinaire

Have you adopted a dog from a rescue? Maybe an animal shelter?  We know the time, love, passion, sometimes tears, that goes into fostering a dog.  But where do the dogs come from?  How do they get to where they need to go?  An unsung hero of animal rescue starts with the Transporter.  And we wish to introduce transporter extraordinaire - Christy VanMerkestyn.  

Who answers the phone call at 2am from a shelter in need of urgent transport, when delay may mean life or death, for an animal in dire need of medical care?  Who drops everything when a desperate call comes in to pick up an animal soon scheduled for euthanasia?  Christy does!  Not all heroes wear capes.  Some heroes drive vans on a moment's notice to pick up a mom and 9 puppies, 12 kittens and a bunny and deliver them to multiple fosters, rescues, and animal hospitals. Wherever they need to go; whenever they need to be there; Christy will take the call.

A Bit about Christy

Christy started out transporting for a dog rescue group about 10 years ago.  She found her passion!  As she got to know the shelters and more rescues, word spread throughout the rescue  community that Christy could be counted on to answer their calls.  Christy bought her own transport van; outfitted it with equipment to provide safe and comfortable rides for all sizes -  from tiny kittens to Saint Bernards.  As the calls started coming in, Christy started saying Yes!  And now she says she's lucky beyond words to be fulfilling her passion.

In addition to rescuing animals, or as she says "breaking them out of the klink", Christy has 6 children and 10 animals of her own and somehow she makes it all work.  As we all need a support system, she is so thankful for her husband, Sonny, and her mother who allow her to follow her passion.  Sometimes it really does take a village!


WHY Is YOTF Holding Special Fund Raiser?

kittens christy.jpg

Christy funds all her rescue rides herself!  She bought and maintains her own transport van; covers costs of tolls, cleaning and disinfectant, blankets, toys - and most concerning right now - GAS!  When YOTF found out that Christy was shouldering these expenses herself, we wanted to help.  Christy is there for the animals, and we want to be there for her.  We are donating a portion of the profits from July 9 to Christy and welcome our wonderful Goat Yogis to join us.

In addition to joining us on July 9, if you would like to donate much needed items, they would be so appreciated.  These include towels, blankets, bleach, paper towels, laundry detergent, disinfecting wipes, and pet treats.  If you can spare any of these items, please bring them on July 9.

A Big Thank You!

Christy has driven over 10,000 miles so far in 2022 and provided rescue rides for over 230 animals.   Unfortunately, so many wonderful and deserving animals are still waiting for their names to be called; waiting for that walk out of the noisy, overcrowded shelter into the safety and care given so freely by Christy.  Christy will talk quietly to them and give them room to decompress.  Their old life is in Christy's rear view mirror.   Their new life is up ahead and Christy is taking them "for the ride of their life" to be safe and loved and cherished.   Thank you Christy for all you do!  Thank you to our YOTF yogis who help us help Christy help the animals!

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