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Our 1 hour sessions are $40 and offer a 45 minute yoga class for all fitness levels as well as time to meet, greet and socialize with our goats. 
Our class size maximum is 20 people. If you have never done a yoga class, this is the place to start!  If you are an experienced yogi - let's go to the next level!

Please bring your own mat or better yet a towel for your comfort.  If needed, we will have some available.

baaa maste pic_edited_edited.jpg


Our friendly, inquisitive helpers are excited to meet you!


I'm Billie.  My brother Wooley and I are white Nigerian Dwarf goats!   We are known for our playfulness and affectionate personalities.   Welcome to my farm!

I'm Zellie.  I am a Nubian Dwarf which means I'm a bundle of joy and offer never ending fun!  I can't wait to meet you!

I'm Sweet Cheeks McGee.  I'm a Pygmy and the adorable baby of the group.     Baaa Maste'

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